Schmidt for Sheriff


As Deputy Sheriff in Tama County since 2013, my family and I truly love living here, and we believe in caring for our community. With a background that includes serving the Meskwaki Nation Settlement, working with my K-9 Partner, Tyson, and handling hundreds of cases across Tama County. I have always held community safety, victim and family support as the # 1 priorities. That love and commitment for this community has guided me to running for Tama County Sheriff in the 2024 election. My goal as Sheriff is clear and simple: to ensure a safe and healthy home and community for all Tama County residents. I come prepared with a plan to achieve this goal. I’ll focus on training, relationships with citizens, professionalism, transparency, and collaboration with our schools and other law enforcement agencies.

Your vote and support are greatly appreciated and I look forward to getting to work for you!


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